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Le Quatuor Convergence & Diana Ligeti (violincello)

Pascal Monlong (violin);  Yann Regnault (violin); Virginie Bourhaux (viola);  Florent Bellom (violincello)

Part I

  • Divertimento by W. A. Mozart in Fa majeur K 138

Played on contemporary intruments from the exhibition.

Mozart’s Divertimento K 138 is the work of a sixteen-year-old composer. It was written in 1772 in Salzburg at the same time as the Divertimenti K 136 and K 137. The divertimenti form a brief trilogy, each comprising three short movements for a string orchestra or string quartet..

  • Fünf Stücke de E. Schulhoff

Erwin Schulhoff is a Czechoslovak composer and pianist born on 8 June 1894 in Prague, he died on 18 August 1942 in the Wülzburg prison camp in Bavaria. As a child prodigy, he was noticed and encouraged by Antonín Dvořák.

Part II

  • String Quintet by A. Glazunov

Diana Ligeti & the Quatuor Convergence playing together !

The Quintet in A major appears between the third and the fourth of his seven string quartets. Glazunov was supported in his work as a composer of chamber pieces by the legendary Mitrofan Belyayev – a lumber magnate turned patron of the arts who founded the important Belaieff musical publishing company. Belyayev was a keen viola player, and it is not unlikely that Glazunov chose to begin his quintet with a solo for that instrument as a tribute to his benefactor

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