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Violin I

Violin II



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Double Bass

The chef's recommendations

The piece is therefore in 2 parts: fast enough at the beginning and slower then.

There’s nothing difficult, I think.

The part of Violin II is quite rhythmic (be careful at the start against time or time, it’s tricky!), it’s an ostinato, a rhythmic loop that is used all the first part.

The parts of Double bass/ Cello/ viola/ and violin II enter successively and it will be necessary to be careful not to shift.

It is this rhythmic "stacking" that will be nice because of the imbalance we create a solid rhythmic base.

You have to accentuate all the accents (Bartok style!)

For the beginning: clouds of notes: pizz as you want with effects of nuances.

In the middle of the room: slips on harmonics.

At the end: friction on the instrument... we will see together according to the number of instrumentalists and the mass effect or not!

Good luck! To your instruments, to your bows! to your metronomes !

We look forward to seeing you again on July 3rd for this unique creation!​

And don’t hesitate to find us.


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