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Ensemble Stanislas 
Laurent Causse & Bertrand Menut (violins); Sylvain Durantel (viola); Jean de Spengler (cello)

Part I

  • Quartet Opus 18 Nr 2 by L. Van Beethoven


Ludwig van Beethoven's String Quartet No. 2 in G major, Op. 18, No. 2, was composed in 1791, published in 1801 and dedicated with the other five quartets of Op. 18 to Prince Joseph Franz von Lobkowitz. It is chronologically the third of Beethoven's first six quartets and is sometimes referred to as the Complimenterquartett.


Part II

  • Quartet No 14 in D minor "The Death and the Maiden" by F. Schubert


The String Quartet in D minor called "The Death and the Maiden", written by Franz Schubert in March 1824 , is the fourteenth composed for this chamber formation.

The name of the quartet comes from the second movement, the andante, which is a series of five variations on the theme taken from his lied D. 531, Der Tod und das Mädchen (written in 1817 on a poem by Matthias Claudius ).

It is almost contemporary with his Quartet in A minor “Rosamunde” (Rosemonde), but was not completed until two years later.


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